· ROYALINVICTUS Ltd is a relatively young Company with a wealth of industry knowledge. We strive to provide our existing and future Clients the opportunity to expand their businesses beyond their expectations.

· Over the years, ROYALINVICTUS Ltd has firmly established itself as a major “Alternate International Exporter/Supplier” of Petroleum products for the World Markets.

· This has been achieved due to the dedication and devotion of its founder, Mr. SHENGDE SUN, in finding the right Oil Refineries throughout the world for our many International Clients and building the Company’s reputation on Determination, Honesty and Loyalty!

· ROYALINVICTUS Ltd prides itself in associating with several major Oil & Gas Industry leaders based all over the WORLD and as ROYALINVICTUS Ltd can offer its Customers the most pricing structure in CIF ASWP terms.

· ROYALINVICTUS Ltd, directly and through its Banks, carry out thorough “Due Diligence” on its partners to ensure Petroleum Supplies are always well priced, well stocked with regular uninterrupted deliveries, whilst constantly keeping the Quality of its products at the highest international level.